Preview of 2010 posts....

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This is some of the previews on what is to come for 2010 posts...

These are only some that will be posted in this blog....stay tune for 2010 posts:)

Review of 2009..

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Its few more hours till the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010. 2009 has been a good year for me in terms of adding toys into my collection. The beginning of the year started with Transformers figures which continued until March . From April till May my action figures phase began which also during this time I managed to get my hands on the Force FX Darth Vader Lightsaber.

June was the starting of my Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Collection. This continued throughout July, August and September. During this period, a couple of Masterpiece Transformers were added to my collection, namely Ultramagnus and Skywarp. I also got my hands on the TF Alternity Megatron Nissan 370z to accompany my Nissan GTR Optimus Prime that I got in March. I also started to get Gundam into my collection. GI Joe figures and vehicles were also added into my collection. I wrapped up my summer holidays in Brunei by getting a few more action figures plus the awesome Devastator.

By the end of September I got my hands on a few more GI Joe figures. October started my Hot Toys collection starting with Joker Bank Robber version and Two Face Harvey Dent. The Ironman Mark 1 soon followed and I managed to make a pre-order on the Joker DX01 Policeman version. My hunt for 1/6 figures continued with the Baroness figure exclusively from the SDCC Comic Con. I also manage to get a couple of Transformers figures and a vehicle model from the Golden Compass movie. This was also when my blog started.

November was my Lord of the Rings figure phase. Most of the figures that I got was on a relatively bargain price where each figure didnt past the 5 quid mark. Other action figures also included are from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Wall E as well as Pirates of the Caribbean. I also obtained my first Aoshima Car model kit with upgrade rims as a birthday gift to myself.

December began with the arrival of my Joker DX01 that I pre-ordered in October. I was satisfied with the quality of the figure, but for me the Ironman Mark 1 is still my best Hot Toys purchase this year. I also managed to obtain a vintage Men in Black 2 figure on ebay for a reasonable price. A couple of Human Alliance Transformers and two more deluxe class Transformers from the ROTF toyline managed to make it into my collection. Valentino Rossi's diecast Motorbike model summed up my purchase for December.

Anyways that wraps up my collection for 2009. Hopefully 2010 will be a good collecting year for us collectors and I have already made a list of targets that I want to get for 2010. I wish all the fellow collectors a happy new year and happy collecting.

My purchase of the year goes to.......The Ironman Mark 1

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It was a close call when it came to choosing my purchase of the year between the Ironman Mark 1 and the the recently released Joker DX 01 Policeman Version. In the end I chose the Ironman Mark 1 as I just find the detailing on this figure really amazing and I have always been a fan of Ironman. Everything about this figure from the packaging to the figure is almost perfect for me. The only thing that I didnt agree with the figure is the headsculpt of Robert Downey Jr, a.k.a. Tony Stark. It doesnt actually look like him. Hopefully they will do an improvement with the headsculpt of the upcoming Battle Damaged Ironman Mark III figure. Also from the pictures of the Tony Stark Mech Test version, the new headsculpt of Tony Stark looks promising. I will do a full review of my 2009 purchases tomorrow. Now I do hope you enjoy these pictures...Ladies and Gentlemen, Ironman Mark 1..

Hope 2010 will be a good collecting year to all of us collectors....:)

The Spirit 7" figure...

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Hi...This figure is from the movie, The Spirit..dont really know much about the movie, I just find this character cool and at just 4 quid I decided to get it...anyways enjoy the pics...

The Spirit continues to live...

Audi R8

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Ive done a post on my Audi R8 in October. The main purpose of this post is for me to try out a new way in taking pictures for my items. I have somehow managed to create a miniature photography studio using a clear background. This is completely different from what I have been doing previously. I decided to choose my Audi R8 model by Kyosho as my benchmark as for me the Audi R8 is the greatest looking car at the moment. I do apologize if the quality of the photos are not up to standard hehehe still amateur in taking photos...I do welcome any feedbacks or comments...enjoy...

Valentino Rossi's Bike...

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Hello post today will be on a die-cast motorcycle model by Maisto. Took advantage of the christmas sale to buy it for £9.99 which is a good price with the quality and detailing of the item. This is the Yamaha YZR-M1 Yamaha Factory Team 2009, No.46 as ridden by Valetino Rossi. This is the bike that brought Rossi's 9th Moto GP World Championship in all classes. Valentino Rossi is one of the greatest racers of all time and I am a huge fan hehe...Ive collected most of his Motorcycle models since 2003. Various manufacturers produce this bikes, Minichamps, Maisto,New Ray to name a few. I tend to collect the ones by Maisto as the price is reasonable and it is quite detailed although Minichamps by far has produced the most detail Motorbike models. This is also my first 1:10 scaled motorbike model as I usually collect them in the 1:18. There are quite a few differences between the scales in terms of detailing. Overall Im quite happy with this model...enjoy the pics....